The Californian Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) in the US has awarded $82m to 203 agencies and communities in the state to help prevent road casualties.

The funds given by federal sources will be managed by the OTS, under the State’s Business, Transportation and Housing Agency.

The funds will be utilised to fight against impaired driving, encourage seat belt and child safety seat usage, enhance emergency medical service response, advance pedestrian and bicycle safety, and assist in the enforcement of traffic laws.

The activities include sobriety checkpoints, high school education programmes, and innovative strategies targeting repeat driving under influence (DUI) offenders.

Simultaneously, the DUI offenders will be targeted with programmes that increase the number of DUI-only courts, coordinated DUI prosecution teams and training.

A specialised traffic collision database systems will also be used in rural counties.

In addition, local police departments will conduct enhanced enforcement of DUI and speed laws aimed at motorcycle riders to reduce the increasing number of motorcycle deaths and injuries.