The UK Department for Transportation (DfT) has granted £30m to purchase low carbon buses in order to encourage the shift to low carbon transport.

The production and sale of more low carbon buses is expected to reduce the unit cost, thus encouraging bus technology and stimulating the UK market for low carbon buses.

Transport Secretary Andrew Adonis said that CO2 emissions from buses have increased significantly over the last ten years.

“Over the next two years we expect this fund to support the purchase of several hundred low carbon buses,” Adonis said.

In the next two years the fund will support the purchase of 100 carbon buses and also aid to stimulate the development of a new green technology industry.

Low carbon buses will use at least 30% less fuel than other buses and emit nearly a third less carbon.

The buses will also meet the most stringent air quality emission standards to help improve air quality.

Currently, the usage of low carbon buses is just 0.2% in the UK.