The Transport Department in Andhra Pradesh, India, is preparing to implement the Andhra Pradesh road sector project (APRSP) to increase road safety between Hyderabad and Ramagundam.

The World Bank will fund about US$16.8m to the state to implement the road safety measures, which are expected to be completed within five years.

The project will be implemented in two corridors including the 50km Hyderabad-Ramagundam corridor. The second corridor for the project is yet to be finalised.

The project design is similar to that of a system in operation in Singapore and will start after the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding by the World Bank and the State Transport Department.

The project work includes installation of CCTV cameras throughout the stretch in order to monitor traffic activity and reduce reaction time after an accident.

The project will be implemented in co-operation with the police, health and R&D departments.