US Federal Highway administrator Victor Mendez has told state highway officials that funding for state projects could fall short over coming weeks.

The administrator revealed that during a review of the highway trust fund, officials may be forced to pay states less frequently for road and bridge repairs.

During a conference call with officials from 38 states and the District of Columbia, Mendez said that “Unless the trust fund is shored up, we will have no other choice than to pay the states less frequently for road and bridge repairs.”

Mendez also said that the highway trust fund often fluctuates and is expected to drop by the end of August 2009.

The shortfall would not stop states from using federal funds for highway projects, although it would slow down the pace of disbursement of federal funds by the government to the states.

Further indicating the consequences of the shortfall, Mendez said that payments, currently made on a daily basis, could be made weekly or twice a month, depending upon the availability of funds.

The highway trust fund provides states about $40bn each year for roads, bridges and other infrastructure projects.