US-based company Chevron has won the Prince Michael International Road Safety Award for achievement and innovation in road safety.

The award has been sponsored by UK-based FIA Foundation for the Automobile in Society and is managed by RoadSafe, a member of the Global Transport Knowledge Partnership.

The award has been given in recognition of the company’s various road safety campaigns around the world.

These include Arrive Alive initiative, Road Transport Safety Management Plan, Children’s Road Safety Campaign and ‘Stop for Life, Drive Your Behaviours’.

The Arrive Alive initiative in Guatemala, Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, and El Salvador focuses on installing rumble strips, lane markings and signage, seat belt and pedestrian safety campaigns and the distribution of motorcycle helmets.

The Road Transport Safety Management Plan recognises fuel tank drivers worldwide who have driven for more than 20 years without an incident.

The Stop for Life, Drive Your Behaviours campaign in Venezuela spreads awareness among the drivers about the use of seat belts as well as dangers of speeding and drunk driving.

The Children’s Road Safety Campaign in UK and Ireland features a series of books, websites and videos about safety related behaviours.