San Rafael in the US state of California will install photo-enforcement cameras on streets in a trial to catch drivers jumping red lights.

Camera sensors are activated when a vehicle nears an intersection too fast to stop at the red signal. The cameras then capture the driver from behind the limit line, in the middle of the intersection, from the front and the back and taking a photo of the person’s face.

A video camera also shoots a 12-second video of the driver.

The footage is necessary to take action against red-light runners, as the state requires an image of the driver’s face to issue a traffic ticket.

The system will be installed by Redflex Traffic Systems at a monthly fee of $5,900 per intersection approach, which will be supported by traffic-ticket revenue.

The city has earmarked ten intersection approaches for the pilot programme with each intersection approach to be equipped with two still cameras and a video camera.

Installation is expected to begin shortly.