A new study has revealed Hawaii as the state with the fourth worst road conditions in US after it was revealed that 27% of the roads in the capital of Honolulu are in poor condition.

The study conducted by a non-profit organisation TRIP also showed that 445 of roads are in mediocre condition, 31% of bridges are functionally obsolete and 45% of urban highways are congested.

State Transportation Director Brennon Morioka said that we weren’t taken by surprise by any of the results and neither should the public.
“Federal dollars would allow the state to complete a number of critical highway projects that are meant to reduce traffic congestion and also improve the pavement quality of the roads,” Wilkins said.

According to the study bad roads cost each Hawaii driver over $1,200 every year thanks to traffic delays and repairs.

The organisation has warned the road conditions could get worse with cuts in federal funding.