US-based firm ObdEdge has developed a new product called CellControl for car drivers, which screens incoming calls and texts on their cell phones while driving to help curb distracted driving.

The patent-pending CellControl can be plugged into onboard computer terminals, which then links to the users’ cell phones via Bluetooth and a downloadable application.

The product can then detect when the vehicle is in motion and blocks or diverts the incoming calls, outgoing calls, e-mails and text messages. The calls are automatically allowed once the vehicle is stopped.

The technology does not depend on cell phone tower triangulation or GPS and can detect vehicle motion of more than 1mph.

No information to the phone user is lost as the information simply gets delayed, says company officials.

Obdedge CellControl for BlackBerry devices is expected to be released on 15 September. Launches for Windows Mobile and Android will come later.