Italian company Astaldi has won a PLN1.4bn (€350m) contract in Poland to renovate a 62km section of the NR8 national road.

The contract has been awarded by Poland’s National Roads and Motorways Authority.

The company, which is project leader with a 40% stake, will design as well as repair the road.

Work involves reconstructing the section from Piotrków Trybunalski to Rawa Mazowiecka into a dual carriageway as well as building 14 junctions at staggered levels along with 59 other major flyovers, bridges and viaducts.

The contract runs for 33 months, including 12 months for the design phase.

Work will be carried out by a joint venture of Astaldi and the Polish companies PBDiM Minsk Mazowiecki, Erbedim, Intercor and Technital.

The design work is expected to begin shortly.