Japanese firm Renesas Technology, along with Chinese city Changchun, has successfully tested what it claims is the world’s first commercial usage of the Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments (WAVE) intelligent transport communication system.

WAVE is a wireless LAN technology that provides high-speed/high-capacity communications required for image transmission to support car-to-car and road-to-car connections in real time.

The tests, carried out on public busses in Changchun city is an effort to provide a system that can connect vehicles and the roads they drive on within a network to resolve problems such as traffic jams and road accidents.

The test was conducted over terminals installed in three public buses, eight bus stops and an intersection where information from cameras was exchanged between the WAVE terminals and images of intersections were broadcast to assist the bus drivers.

According to Renesas the tests verified that WAVE technology could safely be applied to safety monitoring of roads and public transportation systems.

The company also said the results could be applied to traffic control systems, traffic information service systems, intersections and public transportation systems.

Renesas will now provide an ITS terminal platform system with key devices and technological support to Changchun City, which is aiming at full deployment of a WAVE system.