Israeli scientists have developed a new technology that produces electricity from moving road traffic using generators placed below road’s asphalt surface.

The technology is based on Piezoelectric materials that generate electricity when mechanical stress is applied.

The trial was conducted on a 10m stretch of a Highway north of Hadera where generators placed two inches below the top level of asphalt produced electricity from passing cars to power street lights.

The system generates 2,000 watts per hour using regular traffic and the electricity is accumulated in batteries placed along road sides.

Scientists estimate that installing the system on a 1km single traffic lane could produce 200KW of electricity per hour. On a four-lane highway, it can produce 1MW of electricity per hour, capable of powering 2,500 households.

The system has been developed by Israeli company Innowattech along with Technion Israel Institute of Technology.

The government could now deploy the system across Israel’s highways.