Traffic Management Products (TMP) have announced the launch of TMP Spectralyte, a new range of passively safe fibre composite signposts in the UK and Ireland.

The new range, which includes fire composite signposts, lighting columns and LED illuminated posts are manufactured in one process using vacuum molding reinforced glass fibre composites.

In comparison with conventional glass and steel, Spectralyte carries numerous advantages as it weighs a third less than steel making it easier to handle and install.

The major difference, however, is the tensile strength, which is three times stronger than steel and seven times stronger than aluminium. The materials are also less susceptible to corrosion and have a lifespan of 50 years.

TMP managing director John Bailey said that the product also has impressive passive safety performance levels.

“This offers a more creditable alternative to other products on the market,” Bailey said.

The complete range is fully compliant with EN 40-7 and BSEN 12767 standards and every product in the range has been crash and strength tested.