The UK’s Highways Agency has appealed to road users to take cautionary measures ahead of the approaching winter season.

Drivers have been asked to carry out simple vehicle checks ahead of the season, carry a severe weather emergency kit in their vehicles and follow the weather information provided by the agency’s weather monitoring system and Met Office forecast through alerts on the radio, websites and telephone helplines.

Highways Agency head of Severe Weather Strategy Martin Hobbs said that last February’s severe weather was a tough test of our winter preparations.

“This year, new state-of-the-art winter vehicles are being used in more parts of the country, and since last winter salt stock levels have been reviewed and action has been taken,” Hobbs said.

“It’s not just snow and ice, but also strong winds, heavy rain and thick fog that can affect journeys on the roads.”

This appeal comes after a recent study by the agency showed that nearly half of drivers don’t carry out vehicle checks even after hearing a severe weather warning and only less than a quarter of drivers would change their journey plans.