Germany’s PTV has developed a new navigation system as part of the EU-funded Cooperative Vehicle-Infrastructure Systems research project.

The system, Strategic Routing, allows for mutual information flow between vehicle and the control centre and sends information to the drivers on traffic situations which lead to pre-defined strategies being triggered.

In the event of an incident, the central strategic routing installation sends the client requesting the route a dynamically strategic alternative route, as well as information about the incident that activated the strategy.

The information is sent by the individual vehicles as a message to the control centre, where the pre-planned strategy is decided.

PTV researcher Dr Michael Ortgiese said the major advantage of strategic routing is the prompt availability of route information.

“The strategic version informs the driver in advance and traffic can be controlled as required,” Ortgiese said.

The system has recently been demonstrated by Siemens, Ertico and PTV on the Dortmund test area in Germany.