The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety in the US says it wants to set up a new camera system across the state to randomly record vehicle snags, in an effort to upgrade its electronic insurance verification system.

Under the plan, nearly 200 selected locations will be equipped with the new cameras to scan and record a vehicle’s tag barcode, which is found at the bottom of each tag.

The tag numbers will then be matched with a national database containing real-time vehicle insurance information and vehicle owners without valid insurance will be mailed a ticket.

Motorists will have to buy the state’s new vehicle tags with a barcode, which the state plans to replace by the end of this year.

The camera system will expand the state’s existing electronic insurance verification system, which checks only Oklahoma registered vehicles and only when a motorist has an encounter with a law enforcement officer or is involved in an accident.

According to state estimates, nearly one in four motorists in the state currently drives without vehicle insurance.