The Chinese city of Quanzhou will invest CNY6.9bn ($1bn) in 2010 to build and expand nine expressways.

Of the total nearly CNY1.4bn ($205m) will be spent on the 50km Jintao-Anxi Expressway and CNY1.3bn ($190.4m) to develop the Quanzhou section of Quanzhou-Xiamen Expressway, according to

Another CNY800m ($117.2m) will be used for the Quanzhou section of Fuzhou-Quanzhou Expressway and CNY600m ($87.9m) for the Quanzhou section of the Yongchun-Yongding Expressway.

Smaller investments will be made to the Zhangkeng-Shijin section of Quanzhou’s beltway and the Shenyang-Haikou Expressway.