The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) will support two technical operations for the Mesoamerica Pacific Corridor Project, aimed at optimising crossings and maintaining roads.

The corridor, a system of roads, runs through seven countries, beginning in the Mexican city of Puebla and running along the entire Pacific coast region from southern Mexico to Panama.

The first $1.1m “Optimization of Border Crossings Pacific Corridor” grant is aimed at easing the countries’ passage over borders to improve the transit of goods vehicles.

Work includes developing pre-feasibility studies and designing and the operation of border crossings – Tecum Uman Ciudad Hidalgo (Mexico-Guatemala), Guatemala-El Salvador, El Salvador-Honduras, Honduras-Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Nicaragua-Costa Rica-Panama.

The second $1.5m “Adjustment, Maintenance and Operation of the Pacific Corridor road section” grant is aimed at improving the road sections’ infrastructure and safety for 2015–2030.

The programme is aimed at setting up the shortest route between Mexico and Panama, equivalent to 3.160 miles of road, which could eventually transport 95% of goods traded in the region.