Over 160 people were trapped overnight on a section of the Baltic Coast highway in Germany on Saturday as the low-pressure system Daisy continues to create chaos in Europe.

On highway A20, 148 adults and 19 children were stuck in cars, buses and trucks and survived the night by running their engines.

The people were rescued by police the next morning, where rescue personnel used snow plows and heavy machinery to push through 6.5ft drifts.

A record 30cm of snow fell on the northern half of Germany on Saturday night, rising to over 1m near the coast, bringing the traffic to a standstill in many areas.

The state of Mecklenburg’s authorities have declared a state of emergency with police asking motorists to avoid driving wherever possible.

Meteorologists have predicted that the Daisy system will move south, heading towards the Mediterranean, which is expected to turn the snowstorms into a cold snap in Germany.

As snow and freezing is reaching record highs in Europe, traffic also remains chaotic in other European countries including France, the UK and Poland.