The Australian state of Victoria’s Roads and Ports Ministry will begin a pilot project this year to curb road speeding, where the vehicles of repeat offenders will be installed with technology to automatically warn them when they are travelling over the limit.

The three-month Repeat Speeders Trial will be launched in the middle of 2010 and will see over 60 vehicles fitted with the Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) devices.

The ISA devices will use advanced Speed Limit Mapping technology to identify and record speed limits across the Victorian road network, and using visual and audible cues will alert drivers that they are speeding.

A data logger installed in the vehicles will track changes in driving behaviour such as whether or not they slowed down when the device issued the alert.

According to the Roads and Ports Minister, speeding directly contributes to at least 30% of deaths on Victoria’s roads and travelling at 5kmph over a 60kmph limit doubles the risk of a crash.

The project is part of the government’s plan to reduce the road toll and serious injuries by 30%.