The UK Government’s annual £1bn ($1.62bn) spend on road projects is not solving the country’s transport problems, research carried out by the Highways Agency has found.

The report, unearthed by Campaign for Better Transport, found many road projects actually resulted in increased traffic levels.

The impact and benefits of the schemes on local businesses were generally lower than predicted and carbon dioxide emissions and noise levels were higher than predicted, the research found.

In addition walking, cycling and public transport did not improve and two-thirds of the bypasses studied shifted congestion elsewhere.

Major road schemes that were studied include the A6 Great Glen Bypass, the A650 Bingley Relief Road, the A11 Roundham Heath to Attleborough and the A27 Polegate Bypass.

Campaign for Better Transport’s roads and climate campaigner Richard George said: “These reports should set off alarm bells for anyone contemplating major road building and for taxpayers who will eventually have to pay for them.”