The non-profit organisation Road Safe America has protested against Congress’ new truck weight limits for highways, saying it could jeopardise the safety of people driving on highways.

The Congress is currently experimenting on allowing maximum truck weights of 120,000 pounds in Vermont and 100,000 pounds in Maine. For heavy commercial vehicles, current weight limits on US interstate system is 80,000 pounds with five axles.

Road Safe America co-founder Stephen C. Owings said that this is recipe for higher levels of death and injury.

“Without electronic speed limiters set at 65mph or lower and without black boxes that record a driver’s time on the road and distances travelled, allowing these huge behemoths that already weigh 30 times more than a passenger car to get even bigger and travel the same roads is a recipe for disaster,” Owings said.

“Citizens should contact their Congressman and Senators to oppose the dangerous new truck weight limits.”