The UK’s Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service has launched its first ever dedicated road rescue team, which will lower the number of fatalities and injuries caused by road traffic collisions in North Ireland.

The team will provide new rescue techniques and skills and specialist on-station training for firefighters, which will enhance the NIFRS’ road traffic collision training.

The new team will spread awareness about the adverse effects of road traffic collisions and encourage road safety and responsible road user behaviour amongst people.

Road rescue team head watch commander Paddy Quinn said the five members of the road rescue team will help the firefighters at the scene of a collision.

“The team will be looking at enhancing road traffic collision training by developing new techniques and skills to release people from vehicles as quickly and safely as possible so they can receive urgent medical attention,” Quinn said.

“We will be exploring new technology and equipment and will be working with the other emergency services on joint training exercises to further develop how we work together at the scene of a collision.”

NIFRS deputy chief fire officer Louis Jones said that it is responsible to help make roads safer and to reduce the number of deaths and injuries.

“Our Road Rescue Team provides a focal point for all our road safety activity and the work we do with our partner organisations,” Jones said.