The Australian state of Victoria has introduced a repeat speeders trial involving the installation of intelligent speed assist (ISA) devices to aid motorists in managing their speed.

The trial is part of the government’s arrive alive strategy to decrease road deaths and serious injuries by 30%.

The ISA device, which will be fitted in the vehicles of repeat offenders, uses visual and audible cues to automatically alert motorists driving beyond the speed limit.

A data logger, which will also be fixed to the vehicles of the participants, will monitor variations in driving behaviour such as whether they decreased their speed when the device released the alert.

Roads and ports minister Tim Pallas said the trial involves installation of the devices in the vehicles of more than 60 speeding offenders.

“ISA devices use advanced Speed Limit Mapping technology funded by the TAC and developed by VicRoads to identify and record speed limits across the Victorian road network,” Pallas said.

“The results of the trial would assess the changes in speeding behaviour of the drivers who had an ISA device installed, and those who didn’t.

“Drivers with a record of receiving demerit points for speeding offences will be selected and asked to trial the ISA device in their vehicle on a voluntary basis.”

The repeat speeders trial is scheduled to commence by the middle of the year.