The US state of Maryland will deploy a new all-natural product to de-ice its roads called Ice B’Gone, which is expected to cause little environmental damage compared to the conventional untreated rock salt.

The state has bought nearly 3,000 tons of the patented product, formed from low molecular-weight carbohydrates (sugars), from US firm Sears Ecological Applications Company.

The product melts at lower temperatures than the untreated rock salt, cuts the necessary amount of road salt by 25%-30%, reduces corrosion to bridges, roadway surfaces, equipment and vehicles by 70% and brings down the cost of road de-icing significantly.

The product also reduces the impact of road de-icing on local water sources because with less salt applied to roads, less salt seeps into the watersheds and runoff.

According to the company, Ice B’Gone is the only road de-icer in the country to receive the coveted Environmental Protection Agency ‘Design for the Environment’ designation.