Germany’s Siemens Mobility has unveiled a new electric charging station, Sitraffic Epos, that incorporates an info-terminal and payment system.

The system provides a network of charging points closely spaced together, and is able to provide reliable information about their locations, as well as invoicing for the amounts of electricity used.

Sitraffic Epos can be configured as a sole charging point or as a station with up to ten satellite connections, and can be installed anywhere where multiple electric cars need to be charged, where it can be combined with car park ticket machines.

A back-office system wirelessly reports the station’s occupancy system for continuous monitoring of the availability of the charging stations.

The integrated user identification of Epos achieved through a contactless card allows optimum access control and gathers information about actual usage and invoicing.

The station is also fitted with a colour display to guide users through its operation.