Activu has installed a new traffic management system in Maryland, US, along with an emergency weather centre.

The traffic management response and information partnership (TRIP) centre in Prince George’s County allows access to 20 cameras simultaneously to improve traffic response times and signal coordination.

Activu designed, developed and deployed the system in less than 35 days to replace the county’s current outdated analogue system, which was already failing.

Chief of traffic operations Ed Jones said he was delighted with all aspects of the new TRIP centre.

“The workmanship, customer support, and project management that took place to make this happen in a short amount of time was amazing,” Jones said.

Speed was an important factor in this collaboration with the new system needing to be up and running before the snow season in Maryland.

This was the reason for the inclusion of the emergency weather centre to alert the county of any adverse conditions that could affect driving conditions.

Along with managing the traffic flow, the TRIP centre can also provide important information to the Department of Public Works and Transportation through collecting and analysing traffic data, and informing the public of any relevant transportation information.