US firm INEX/ZAMIR has tested and integrated its new laser measurement and detection device SICK LMS211 on its Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR).

The device can trigger the ALPR at the speeds of up to 200kmph, which is required in the Open Road Tolling systems for the accurate reading of vehicles’ licence plates.

SICK uses pulsed laser beams, which reflect off objects entering the monitored field captured by the device’s receiver, providing the ALPRs with a timely external trigger signal.

The device’s configuration software can reside on the company’s DPU processor hosting the ALPR algorithms, and a serial RS-232 interface provides the connection from the detector to the host computer, allowing for fast device parameter data transference.

SICK also allows for flexibility in ALPR system design and in-lane placement by covering a wide area and multiple monitored fields.