A high-tech red light camera system in Canada has reduced T-bone collisions but increased rear-end collisions according to an insurance survey.

The system installed at a crossroads in Saskatoon senses when a car runs a red light and holds cross traffic to help avoid collisions.

Drivers who do not obey the stop sign are fined, which has also helped reduce the number of right-angle crashes, which are more likely to end in serious injury.

Unfortunately this has increased the number of rear-end accidents as drivers are making more abrupt stops to avoid being ticketed, according to The Star Phoenix.

The study by Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) shows crashes, of which most are fender benders, are up 32%.

This has been offset by a 30% reduction in T-bone collisions mainly caused by running red lights.

An increase in traffic volume has also been blamed with 20,000 more cars using the junction per day.