US IT giant IBM is developing technology to help drivers avoid traffic jams and personally guide them to their destination in the shortest possible time, by predicting the outcomes of varying their travel routes.

The company will use new mathematical models and its own predictive analytic technologies to develop adaptive traffic systems that intuitively learn traveller patterns and behaviour to provide dynamic travel safety and route information.

The systems will calculate the best route based on traffic accidents, commuter location, current and planned road construction, most travelled days of the week, expected work start times, local events and alternative options of transportation.

According to IBM, it will correlate all the existing unconnected data for traffic management to better predict demand, optimise capacity, help improve traveller and highway safety as well as reducing the impact on the environment.

The company plans to work with state and local transportation agencies to launch pilot projects for the new systems, which would use web and mobile voice interaction with mapping applications to provide its information to drivers.