Europe’s best public transport system is in Munich, Germany, with Zagreb, Croatia, being the worst, according to a survey of 23 European cities.

Munich scored a ‘very good’ rating for its fast connections, plentiful information at stops and in vehicles, and an extremely impressive website, while Zagreb scored poorly mainly on the provision of travel information.

Conducted by EuroTest, a group of automobile clubs in 15 nations led by Germany’s ADAC, the survey rated the cities’ public transport, including road and rail, on factors such as travel time, information, ease of transfer, costs, operating hours and access to parking.

Overall, 11 cities including Helsinki, Vienna and Prague were ranked ‘good’ for transport services, nine cities including Paris, Brussels and London scored ‘acceptable’ for their services, and Slovenian capital Ljubljana was ranked ‘poor’ for its services.

London, which ranked 20th out of the 23 cities, has Europe’s priciest public transportation system, while Czech capital Prague has the cheapest.

The survey also found that only a third of public transit stops in all 23 cities accommodated the blind and only a fifth had wheelchair access.