The US Recovery Act has awarded the last of its $7.5bn stimulus for nationwide road transport improvements, according to the Federal Transit Administration.

The new $600m grant will fund 191 transit projects in 42 states and Puerto Rico, including both road and rail projects.

Vice-president Joe Biden, when announcing the grants, said it supported Americans working on all levels of the supply chain and helped them maintain their standard of living.

The road projects include the purchase and maintenance of public transportation vehicles including hybrid buses, buying toll and surveillance equipment, upgrading parking facilities, upgrading bridges, and installing card-readers.

Overall, California has received $84m for transit projects (including road and rail), Massachusetts has received $72m, New Jersey has won $52m, Oregon has won $44m and Michigan has received $34m.

Puerto Rico, a Commonwealth of the USA, will receive $7.75m, which will mainly be spent on improving the public transport network on the island.