The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD) has extended its Affiliated Computer Services (ACS) contract to process parking violations.

Under the five-year contract, extending the client relationship beyond 30 years, ACS will continue to carry out parking citation processing and collections services and update the technology the LASD uses.

This includes the supply of handheld devices for Sheriff Parking Control Officers to issue citations, as well as a fleet of automated licence plate recognition units.

ACS senior vice president and managing director of Transport Solutions Mark Talbot said the new contract strengthened their position in California.

Currently ACS, in conjunction with LASD, the largest Sheriff’s department in the world, collect on average $9.5m in parking fines and penalties annually.

The Xerox subsidiary, the largest public transport technology provider in the world, operates in 30 countries and deals with $818m of parking fines in the US alone.