An independent review will be commissioned to identify measures to fight the effects of severe winters on the transport system, the UK Government said.

The study will assess the impact of prevailing weather conditions on transport providers and the travelling public.

The first stage of the review will involve making provisions for the forthcoming winter, with the second stage involving sustainable measures for the future.

It also intends to prepare local authorities for future weather conditions.

An extra £100m ($150m) for local authorities to help pay for repairs to potholes has been announced by the UK Government.

The winter of 2009-2010 is considered to have been the coldest in 30 years.

Heavy snowfalls and icy weather conditions had disrupted roads and other public transport systems for days together.

In December last year, three Eurostar trains were stuck in a tunnel due to severe cold weather.

England’s bus services were withdrawn many times for passenger safety.