Motorists using a new toll road in North Carolina, US, can purchase a transponder allowing them to bypass toll booths through a pre-pay account system.

Motorists can install the transponder on windshields or on the back of rear view mirrors that will emit radio signals, which will be read by gantries located above the highway.

The transponder devices will be available in two types, one that can be moved from car to car and one that is not transferable.

The transponders will be linked to a prepaid toll account, which could be paid for with cash or a credit or debit card.

The authority will calculate the cost by purchasing high-speed camera equipment to photograph licence plates on toll roads.

North Carolina’s first toll road will be the Triangle Parkway, a 3.4-mile segment that will run from I-40 and NC 147 in Durham County to NC 540 in Wake County.

Other toll projects will be the Garden Parkway in Gaston and Mecklenburg counties and the Cape Fear Skyway in New Hanover County.