The US State of North Carolina is testing traffic cameras on the N.C. Highway/Interstate 540 corridor, before it will be used to collect tolls on the state’s first toll road.

The cameras, installed by North Carolina Turnpike Authority, uses infrared and visible light technology to record images, according to

They can automatically identify the characters on license plates through a process known as optical character recognition.

Currently, two cameras have been installed on N.C. Highway 540 East between N.C. Highway 54 and Interstate 40.

A third camera has also been installed on Interstate 540 West between U.S. Highway 70 and Aviation Parkway.

The Turnpike Authority will install a fourth camera at a third location within the next few weeks.

The temporary cameras will be replaced by permanent cameras once the Triangle Expressway opens in late 2011.

Once fully operational the cameras will be able to detect cars using the highway that have not paid to use the raod.