Nigeria has spent N20bn ($130m) on building and reconstructing rural roads in the state of Benue during the last three years.

Construction of a further 21 rural roads, covering 1,000km, costing N733m ($4.7m) will be carried out in the north central state, according to

Work on the Anyiin-Ugba-Amaafu road, the Zaki-Biam-Afia-Gbeji road and the Otukpo-Utonkon-Igumale road were estimated to cost N5.75bn ($37m), N3.90bn ($25m) and N3.59bn ($23m) respectively.

Rehabilitation of the Eke Elegbencho Ugbokolo-Orokam road cost N1.389bn ($9m) and the Adikpo-Ikyogen-Jato-Aka road cost N1.53bn ($10m).

Hajaig Construction Nigeria, which is delivering the rural highways contract spanning 248.3km, will soon complete work estimated to be worth N3. 83bn ($25.4m).