Contractors in the US state of Minnesota lose around $150m annually and about 77,000 days in productivity due to traffic congestion, according to a report.

The report, released by the Associated General Contractors of America (AGCA), surveyed 1,200 local construction firms between April and May.

The report found that 93% of firms reported that traffic and congestion were affecting their operations and that on average congestion delays the average construction project by at least one day, while one in three firms reported that traffic adds a minimum of three days to the length of an average project.

According to these statistics countrywide, this adds up to 3.7 million days of lost productivity each year costing construction firms in the US an estimated $23bn annually in delays and lost productivity.

AGCA chief executive officer Stephen Sandherr said that traffic tie ups nationwide are sapping productivity, delaying construction projects and raising costs for construction firms of all types.

“The solution to the nation’s costly traffic woes was for Congress and the Administration to act quickly to pass new surface transportation legislation this summer,” Sandherr said.