The transportation commission of the US state of Pennsylvania has approved a 24% reduction in funding to its 12-year transportation programme.

Under the new plan, $51.6bn will be allocated over the next 12 years, compared with the $67.9bn outlined in the 2009 plan.

The 12-year programme is expected to commence in October and includes $10.2bn worth of highway and bridge projects in the first four years, reduced from $12.2bn in the 2009 plan.

The US Congress is yet to propose a new six-year authorisation bill to fund transportation projects in the entire country and further cuts could be included in the new reauthorisation bill.

Public transit has been allotted $6.3bn compared with the previous $7.5bn, and rail freight has been allocated $228m compared with $234m.

The commission must review and update the 12-year programme every two years under state law.