US-based technology company Mark IV IVHS has entered into an agreement with OHL Concesiones to deploy its latest RFID technology on major toll roads in Mexico City.

The agreement includes providing the company’s new Janus multiprotocol reader system and total system performance management services.

Mexico City’s two electronic toll roads, the Viaducto Elevado Bicentenario and the Segundo Piso of Periferico Norte, include 23.5 miles of a ring road system of new toll roads planned in the region.

The first section of Viaducto Elevado Bicentenario project is already using Mark IV’s readers and the last two phases are scheduled to be complete in 2011.

The Segundo Piso of Periferico Norte is expected to open in 2012.

The Janus reader system will also be deployed on the 56-mile Circuito Exterior Mexiquenese to the northeast of Mexico City later this year.

The Janus reader will allow toll authorities with alternative tag technology to migrate to the higher performing active platform and support advanced road user charging methodologies.