Yonkers city in the US state of New York will start using intersection safety cameras from next month to reduce the number of red-light runners.

The technology, to be deployed at six intersections, is part of the state’s road safety plans, which aim to reduce the number of crashes and injuries at major intersections across the city.

The state selected the Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions to install, operate and maintain the Yonker’s red-light cameras.

ATS technicians will review images collected by the cameras and forward possible violations to the city’s bureau of code enforcement, where the images are reviewed and any violations will be issued.

If a violation is issued, the offending owner of a vehicle has the option to pay the $50 fine or appeal the citation through a hearing process governed by an administrative law judge.

Cameras at additional intersections will be deployed in the next six months with all the 25 intersections across the city will be operational by April 2011.