A majority of schoolchildren in the UK, about 85%, cross the road without using a marked crossing or a lollipop person, according to new research.

The study also found that 40% of children in the country cross the road without checking for traffic, with boys more likely to do so compared with girls.

Over 1,000 children aged between seven and 14 took part in the survey, which was put together by Kwik Fit.

The survey has revealed that about 75% do not always feel confident crossing the road on their own.

The research also showed half of all eight-year-olds regularly run across the road without checking for vehicles.

Welsh school children have set the best example, with 77% saying they follow the green cross code and always look both ways for vehicles before stepping out.

However, almost half of the children from the East Midlands have admitted to crossing the road without checking for traffic.