Worldwide tourist deaths on the roads could almost double to 45,000 in a decade and triple by 2030, according to a report.

Currently, 25,000 tourists die in road accidents every year, estimated the report Bad Trips: International Tourism and Road Deaths in the Developing World from the Make Roads Safe campaign and the FIA Foundation.

The report says tourists are mostly at risk due to the differences in road-user culture across a number of countries.

It shows many countries that are rated ‘medium risk’ or ‘high risk’ for their road safety are also popular holiday destinations, and tourists have a tendency to take risks in a foreign country that they would not do at home.

The road safety campaigners urge the international tourism industry to take steps to protect tourists and improve road safety, according to BBC News.

The campaigners urged the tour operators to demand improvements like mandatory operable seat belts in all cars and well-trained drivers.

The report also recommends the introduction of an international charter mark for safe and well-managed road transport to encourage good performance.