The Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission is set replace toll booths with electronic systems across the US state.

The turnpike is looking for a consultant to do a one-year study to ascertain the feasibility of an all-electronic collection in the highway.

If the study is successful, officials will develop a timetable to shutdown 70 toll plazas on the 545-mile turnpike.

Currently, about 62% of turnpike users have E-ZPass transponders, which allows motorists to establish a prepaid account and pass through toll plazas without stopping, since tolls are automatically deducted when drivers pass a tolling point.

An all-electronic system will take photographs of the licence plates of drivers without E-ZPass and send them a bill in the mail, along with a service charge or premium added.

The system will eliminate the backup that occurs at conventional toll plazas and improve traffic flow.

The turnpike is already converting some interchanges to cashless points and plans to convert 47 miles of Florida’s Turnpike in south Florida by early next year, according to

It is also considering installing machines that read toll tickets and accept credit cards.