Oxnard city council in the US state of California said the first phase of a project to install an intelligent transportation system (ITS) in the region will start next year and will be complete in 2012.

Under the plan, the system will link the city’s network of traffic signals to a management centre, where the signals will be controlled by a central computer.

According to a new report to be submitted to the council, about $11m is required to build the wireless and fibre optic network to connect about 200 traffic signals in the region.

The system will conduct video surveillance of traffic to offer real-time information to drivers about congestion and accidents, easing road congestion and facilitating traffic flow, according to vcstar.com.

US-based Iteris is in negotiations with the city for work on the $6.5m first phase, which involves the installation of a backbone system, upgrade of control mechanisms on traffic signals and establishing a video surveillance system.

The contract for the physical improvements to the system is not up for bidding.

Installation of ITS in the region is part of the city’s Traffic Mitigation plan initiated in 2008.