UK-based Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (ROSPA) has launched a new and improved version of Driver Profiler, its online driver risk assessment tool.

The new 20:20 user friendly software is designed to assess whether someone is a low-, medium- or high-risk driver by measuring psychometric, demographic and behavioural factors that influence driver safety.

It enables managers to identify those drivers in need of further training, it allows data to be exported onto a spreadsheet, tailoring the results to specific requirements and helping to make informed decisions.

The updated package features 45 questions that take into account new technologies such as satellite navigation and hands-free mobile phones.

Questions, combining known risk factors with driver attitude factors, are now more closely tailored to occupational driver risk, focusing on fatigue, driving under pressure and work distractions.

The new version is developed based on feedback from existing customers, while ROSPA has carried out an 18-month research programme involving nearly 2,500 drivers.