NXP Semiconductors is developing an automotive-qualified 3.5G telematics solution to improve traffic management in Singapore.

The company has set 2012 as the deadline for the deployment of the solution, which is based on its next-generation automotive telematics on-board platform (ATOP) module.

Singapore will serve as a test bed for the solution, leveraging the city’s infrastructure to deliver real-time information via mobile broadband and help reduce traffic congestion.

The ATOP module will be combined with other additional third-party services, including location-based services and electronic payments in order to develop an efficient traffic management system.

The company said its 3.5G prototype, the ATOP module, and the related on-board unit will demonstrate the possibility of multi-virtual mobile SIM encapsulation suited for the purpose of congestion charging.

It said the end-users will have benefits such as distance-based charging for drivers, reduced taxes, improved mobility, reduced pollution and driver costs among others.

To enhance security, banking-grade smart card technology supporting secure co-existence of payments and other services, with cross-border interoperability, will be developed.