Apple has launched a new smartphone app that is designed to help lorry drivers prevent migrants from entering vehicles as they pass through Calais in northern France.

Designed by Eastbourne businessman Jeff Scott, the BF Intelligence app enables the drivers to report any sighting of migrants that have gained entry into any of the vehicles in their vicinity.

Using the app, the driver can instantly send a message to the registered company that owns the vehicle warning them of the security breach in their lorry.

"The BF Intelligence app provides 360° surveillance, courtesy of fellow drivers."

The app also provides immediate alerts to drivers the minute that a migrant is reported aboard their vehicle.

Scott was quoted by Eastbourne Herald as saying: "We’ve all seen the chaotic pictures of migrants risking their lives trying to access lorries bound for the UK. Every day they try to break through locks and cut through canvas before climbing on-board.

"It’s impossible for drivers to see what’s going on directly at the rear of their vehicles, on top and underneath, especially with so many people utterly desperate to make the crossing.

"The BF Intelligence app provides 360° surveillance, courtesy of fellow drivers, and equips them with a simple-to-use mechanism that creates a real-time report that is routed to the owners of the lorry warning them that they have migrants stowed away."

UK hauliers will have to pay a penalty of up to £2,000 for every illegal clandestine entrant found inside their vehicles.

The BF Intelligence app is currently available on any iOS device that is running iOS 8 or above.

Meanwhile, Scott is currently developing an Android version of the app, which will be released in the near future.