CA Traffic, a UK-based supplier of traffic monitoring equipment, has combined its Evo8 Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera with Black Cat traffic monitoring technology to provide weigh in motion (WIM) and speed violation detection with ANPR data.

Configured with the local classification scheme, both devices provide maximum road speed, vehicle speed and weight limits by class.

CA Traffic managing director Bernard Greene was quoted by as saying that this development creates a natural synergy between the two systems.

"It provides an economical proposition for multiple agencies to share a system," he said.

Black Cat traffic monitoring system finds out vehicle data, such as time and date along with class, speed and weight, and sends the data to the Evo8 ANPR camera, which is configured with class scheme, speed and weight parameters of the road.

Evo8 examines the compliance with the data set for the road and, on any speed or weight violations, the system gets the vehicle image and includes the violation metadata.

The combined data is then transferred to the respective authorities.

Evo8 cameras are WiFi-enabled and allow transmission of data to a close enforcement vehicle if required.

"As both products are our own in-house designs, the customer can be assured of a system that supplies them with all the traffic and WIM information they may require," Greene added.

According to CV Traffic, both systems continue to operate in the normal configuration simultaneously, Black Cat as a normal traffic data collection outstation and the Evo8 as a surveillance camera.

The integrated equipment can send data to at least four different client systems.

CA Traffic, a part of the HS Roads Technology Division, is engaged in the supply of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) products and solutions.