New Brunswick Government in Canada is set to officially open the $540m Route 1 Gateway on 25 October 2012.

The new road, which is being completed around a year ahead of schedule, carries traffic from the St. Stephen, New Brunswick – Calais, Maine international border, to the Trans-Canada Highway in River Glade.

The complete 240km stretch between St. Stephen and River Glade is a divided, four-lane highway.

Route 1 Gateway includes 55km of newly twinned highway between Waweig and Lepreau, with major upgrades throughout the rest of the route.

The twinning of the highway is expected to reduce fatal accidents on Route 1 by around 90%, and upgrades to Route 1 are expected to fuel economic growth and support a sustainable multimodal transportation system.

The project also includes the installation of 104 linear kilometres of wildlife fencing.

"The complete 240km stretch between St. Stephen and River Glade is a divided, four-lane highway."

New Brunswick Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams said that the new infrastructure project is expected to improve highway safety, international trade and enhance travel between New Brunswick and the US.

"We export 85% to the US so certainly this new highway will help trade between the two countries," Williams added.

Route 1, jointly funded by the federal and provincial governments, consists of two contracts with the provincial government, including a design and builds contract, and an operation, maintenance and rehabilitation contract.

Canada-based Dexter Construction was responsible for the design and build portion of the work, while Transfield Dexter Gateway Services has been awarded the contract for the operation, maintenance and rehabilitation until 2040.