Cohu Electronics, a division of California-based Cohu, has developed new video surveillance solutions for car parking security, traffic monitoring and various other remote applications.

The new 7500HD series uses an encoding engine that is capable of streamlining multiple individually configured H.264 and MJPEG streams.

The 7500HD is available in three configurations including 7510HD – Fixed Network Box Camera, Indoor IP50-rated; 7520HD – Fixed Network Dome Camera, Indoor/Outdoor IP66-rated; and 7530HD – Fixed Network Camera, Outdoor IP66-rated.

With a full-function web server interface, the cameras allow complete administrative and operator control capabilities, with access protected by username / password authentication.

According to Cohu, the 7500HD series is video-analytics-ready and capable of hosting advanced security and traffic-based video analytics for additional functionality.

The cameras in the 7500HD series feature full HD video resolution of 1080p30, H.264 and MJPEG video compression codecs, on-board SDHC recording, configurable image settings and event management processing.

Event triggers include external sensor inputs, video motion detection, user commands and periodic timers, while event actions include activating alarm outputs, storage of video recordings, sending snapshots and video clips to an FTP site, along with emailing event notifications.

The cameras feature One-Touch-Focus that can be used for sharp images and enables fine focus adjustments from a remote computer, removing the requirement for manual focus adjustments.

The 7500HDs also include network and security features, such as static or dynamic IP addressing, domain name, bandwidth limit setting, authentication rules, network time server support, as well as power-over-ethernet operation.

For outdoor purposes, the 7520HD and 7530HD have a corrosion-proof aluminium body and IP66 protection.

The 7500HD series provides integration with third party video management systems (VMS), complying with industry interoperability standards for video streaming specifications and ONVIF and PSIA configuration and control interfaces.